• The Return of the

    A treat from the prehistoric times
    for the people of Indore.

  • The coolest fashion
    comes to Pune!

    With influencers who tied up with
    #WinterVibes and #PavillionWinterFest

  • Christmas happyness.With our
    Happyness Ambassador!

    A whole new digital film with Ayushmann!

  • Airspace sways
    to the rhythm.

    Ajay Tiwari’s live
    performance at Airspace

  • Shopping. Winning.

    With the Flat 50% off at
    Nexus Malls.

  • When Santa came

    A look at the gorgeous Christmas
    celebrations across Nexus Malls.

  • 22,000 participants
    celebrate across
    9 malls.

    Cherishing our retail employees.

  • Foodie haven is a mall
    called The Pavillion!

    The greatest food fest
    there ever was

  • New stores.
    New happyness!

    All the stores that
    opened recently.

  • It was the season
    of sharing!

    The country’s first social Christmas
    tree went up at The Pavillion.