Mall of Amritsar

Amritsar is now a world-class shopping destination because of the Mall of Amritsar. We offer them an ultimate shopping experience which is #BetterRealised.

#BetterRealised is our Vision to transform the mall which was in an urgent need to catch up on competition. The design of the mall was very old and it had started to look tired. Competition had intensified and new brands were not coming in. There was an urgent need to make the mall more relevant to the people. That is when we got in the finest brains from across the world and asked ourselves what is it that we need to do. We looked at the design, brand mix, services and then, we put together a Transformation plan.

This included construction of an entirely new food court, new washrooms, a plaza for the community and new branding spaces. Changing the look from AlphaOne Amritsar to Mall of Amritsar was a journey of challenging thought processes and abilities of an entire team which has been around since the mall launched. Be it the management, the local operational staff and the existing retailers too. And we did all of this without disrupting the working of the mall for a single day and without compromising the highest standards of safety security and hygiene.

Our Transformation Journey :

Mall of Amritsar is a complete package of entertainment and shopping, which makes it the coolest mall in Amritsar.

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